About Us

In 1991, Ms. Cheryl Carpenter, C&N’s principal biologist, established Cheryl M. Carpenter, Consulting Biologist at the request of former clients. Due to rapid growth, C&N was incorporated in 1993. In 1993, C&N also started its first wetland restoration project where services were provided from pre-purchase through wetland restoration design, permitting, and construction. C&N provided management and monitoring services until the project was deemed successful.


C&N creates and restores wetlands that are both functionally and aesthetically pleasing, and educates the residents about their value and management. We do this demonstrate to development clients and landowners the benefits of wetlands as flood storage areas, wildlife habitat, aesthetic value, and amenity value.C&N’s professional and technical staff has been the keystone of our success. Our utilization of subcontractors for specialized services has provided expertise without the overhead costs. From engineering services to native vegetation procurement, C&N maintains quality control.

Our subcontractors meet our standards and continually strive to produce a better product through working with C&N in order to provide feasible solutions to the ever-changing dynamics of wetland restoration.The necessity to restore wetlands presents a challenge to cost management and requires innovative techniques. C&N’s use of tractor pulled laser pans for removal of existing grasses and exotic vegetation is extremely cost effective.

The desirable vegetation can be stockpiled for brief periods of time and re-installed over the final grades using the pan. This lowers the cost of hauling and eliminates the cost of planting.   The laser pan is very effective in creating flow-ways and re-establishing historic sheet flow in pastures where only limited excavation may be necessary. C&N’s public projects include:
  • Lake Okeechobee Isolated Wetland Creation & Restoration Project for South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD)
  • Kissimmee River Restoration Project Endangered/Threatened Species and Migratory Bird Monitoring for the United States Army Corps of Engineers
  • Mangrove Forest Restoration for the Town of Hypoluxo
  • Sugar Sand Park Scrub Restoration for the Greater Boca Raton Tax District
  • Jupiter Inlet Wetland Restoration for Palm Beach County
  • Port Canaveral Mangrove Restoration for the Port Authority.
  • C&N also provided environmental services on the 40,000 acre Pal-Mar, Cypress Creek, and the Groves Water Basin Study for SFWMD.

Management Approach

C&N’s management concept is to build the firm with experienced and qualified professionals who provide training and guidance to qualified, enthusiastic, entry level college graduates with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines. All C&N staff must have the required computer skills, and our entry-level staff must have training in computer design and/or Geographic Information Systems (GIS). C&N then provides them with the tools and support necessary to effectively and efficiently complete projects.   C&N uses a team approach with a project manager who coordinates services, staff and invoicing for each project. The principal biologist investigates every job site. with the philosophy that “the restoration is only as good as the data.”

Project managers meet with the principal biologist on a regular basis for project updates and supervision. Staff meetings are held in-house every week. Subcontractors are included in project meetings. Telephone conferencing and emails are used for daily coordination. Project schedules are maintained on the computer networking system for timely completion.


Open communication is promoted between staff and management, allowing for rapid response to requests for additional support, information, equipment and advisement on project direction. This inherently efficient approach creates a constructive and productive atmosphere within the project team and the firm, and reduces overhead and project costs associated with multi-tiered management and reporting.

C&N’s Professional Staff

C&N offers our clients a full-spectrum of services relating to all phases of an environmental project. Unlike many small organizations, C&N enhances its staff by the use of professional associates or subcontractors. Consequently, C&N has gathered a distinctively qualified group of consulting professionals from a variety of related fields throughout the United States. We believe the experience of our expert associates and in-house staff provides a unique basis for successful project planning, analysis, design, permitting, construction oversight, and maintenance & monitoring. Our Staff’s’ and Associates’ specialties include:
  • Environmental Science
  • Botany
  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Coastal and Civil Engineering
  • Hydrology
  • Marine Science
  • Wetland Science
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Soil Science
  • Land Surveying
  • Agronomy
  • Burn Management

A Note from the President

We are now in our 19th year, and C&N continues to provide quality environmental consulting, design-build services, and habitat management services. Our professional staff has increased, as have our technical capabilities throughout the years. C&N now provides highly skilled graphic arts design, computer design services, and Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis. Both professional and technical staff are provided a fleet of off-road vehicles and boats including airboats, swamp buggies, and amphibious vehicles, as well as state of the art data collection tools. Our philosophy is to hire the best people possible, create a team, and provide them the tools and resources to achieve project success. It is my job as president and principal biologist for C&N to inspire my staff to communicate with our clients to fully understand their land development and ecological needs, and to assist the client through the land alternation process with sound advice and technical expertise. It is also my job to provide vision and motivate and maintain the staff’s excitement on each and every project because no two projects are ever the same and their solutions are always unique. Integrity and professionalism must always be maintained. We are the people on the front lines of environmental restoration, and our work will not only change the landscape, but provide valuable natural resources well into the future and long past our time on this planet. Our work is challenging but highly gratifying because of its profound impact on the landscape of our state and our community. We wish to thank our many loyal clients for the confidence and trust they have placed in our abilities over the years. As so many of our clients continue to select C&N for ecological assistance on project after project, we can only presume that we must be “doing something right”, and we ardently wish to continue “doing it right” for our clients well into the future.