Management Approach

C&N’s management concept is to build the firm with experienced and qualified professionals who provide training and guidance to qualified, enthusiastic, entry level college graduates with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines. All C&N staff must have the required computer skills, and our entry-level staff must have training in computer design and/or Geographic Information Systems (GIS). C&N then provides them with the tools and support necessary to effectively and efficiently complete projects.

C&N uses a team approach with a project manager who coordinates services, staff and invoicing for each project. The principal biologist investigates every job site. with the philosophy that “the restoration is only as good as the data.”

Project managers meet with the principal biologist on a regular basis for project updates and supervision. Staff meetings are held in-house every week. Subcontractors are included in project meetings. Telephone conferencing and emails are used for daily coordination. Project schedules are maintained on the computer networking system for timely completion.

Open communication is promoted between staff and management, allowing for rapid response to requests for additional support, information, equipment and advisement on project direction. This inherently efficient approach creates a constructive and productive atmosphere within the project team and the firm, and reduces overhead and project costs associated with multi-tiered management and reporting.