C&N Environmental Consultants, Inc. provides the following services:

Habitat Restoration and Management Planning

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Planning

Ecological Analysis

Environmental Design

Natural Resource Permitting

Endangered & Threatened Species Issues

Native Plant Landscaping


Quality Control

Quality Control applies to all work tasks at C&N including:

Correspondence letters


Laboratory data plans

Specifications, calculations

Computer programs

Designs, mapping


Scopes of work and billing

C&N’s Quality Control Manual clearly specifies the chain-of-custody and guidelines for quality control. Merri Southwell, our quality control coordinator (QCC), oversees the quality control activities of the entire company and subcontractors, works with various project managers to meet quality goals set forth in the initial stages of a project, and ensures that each project incorporates quality control procedures. By formalizing quality control guidelines, C&N can assure clients (as well as insurance carriers) that we are producing high quality technical products that demand excellence.

Permitting & Design-Build Habitat Restoration

C&N has permitted, designed, and design-built 33 public wetland restoration projects from Georgia to Key West, Florida and completed 124 private wetland restoration projects since 1994.

C&N has worked on eleven projects for the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project including five former dairy sites in Okeechobee County, Florida.

C&N grew from a home-based operation starting in 1991 to a full-service environmental company serving clients throughout South Florida by 1994.

Our staff has grown from one to more than 20. Our projects have grown in size and scope as well. With our sub-contractors, C&N is able to provide environmental habitat restoration services in Florida, the Caribbean, and throughout the Southeastern United States.

C&N also provided environmental surveys, consulting, design and public information meetings for USDA projects including the Dry Lake Dairy Phosphorus Reduction Project and the Butler Oaks Dairy Wetlands and Water Quality Project.

C&N recently completed the Baywinds Everglades Snail Kite Habitat Restoration Project, a $4.3 million 300 acre wetland restoration project in West Palm Beach, Florida for the Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District.

C&N continues to serve our clients, both public and private, through innovative ideas, cost efficiency and project success.

Federal Projects in South Florida:

  • South Florida National Veterans Administration Cemetery Project
  • The Kissimmee River Restoration C-37 Canal Enlargement
  • GSA-Stuart Facility in Stuart, Florida
  • Picayune Strand Restoration Project Merritt Pump Station
  • Collier County which is part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project

Habitat Management & Exotic Vegetation Control

C&N provides professional planning and permitting services for habitat management. Our field division has been closed.

In 1996, C&N was awarded a $5.3 million joint venture contract for the eradication of melaleuca (Melaleuca spp.) on Lake Okeechobee by SFWMD. An office was established in Clewiston, Florida, and airboat crews worked for over three years to successfully eradicate the melaleuca and other exotics on Lake Okeechobee. C&N provides habitat management and exotic vegetation control from Key West to Cocoa Beach, Florida and west to Naples, Sarasota, and Highlands County.

Our professional, technical and field personnel are expertly trained and experienced in all aspects of habitat management and have the equipment and manpower to provide a high quality, cost efficient service. Our state-licensed herbicide applicators are certified in aquatic, right-of-way, natural areas, and horticultural application.


C&N wetland restoration projects were awarded 2nd and 3rd place in the state-wide Native Plant Society, “Wetland Restoration, Commercial Division,” in 1999 and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in 2000.

We provide management for:

  • Sugar Sand Park
  • Rosemary Ridge Preserve
  • Gopher Tortoise Preserve
  • Spanish River Parks
  • Numerous other preserve areas for the City of Boca Raton
  • Jupiter Inlet District
  • Palm Beach County
  • City of Delray Beach
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kissimmee River Restoration
  • State of Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FFWCC)
  • Everglades Tree Islands Planting Maintenance.